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Zenith Clinics and 4D scan centre is an advanced centre located in Madeenaguda, Hyderabad. We specially deal with various health disorders through state of the art equipment and specialist doctors.

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Raju Pandit

Excellent service. Went for my abdomen ultrasound, doctor has listened everything very patiently and taken her time to perform the scanning. She also advised the next step to be followed and provided the guidance accordingly.

ragini patil

I went here for early pregnancy scan, and I liked there service. Very neat and clean clinic. Dr is also very nice and behaviour of her towards her patients is very good, each and every thing she explained very nicely.

Leela Rani

Place is neatly maintained and peaceful. I went there for my pregnancy NT scan. Doctor explains everything in detail. I liked it and would like to visit the place for my scans in future.

naveen garlapati

I have approached for gastric problem. Doctor is well experienced and explains everything in detail.. Labs are placed conveniently adjacent with excellent radiologist and got instant diagonasis.. well maintained and clean environment...

Deeksha Kulkarni

This is one of the best places for diagnosis and treatment. The staff and the doctors are excellent, experienced, friendly and humble. Thankyou 😊 …

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4D ultrasound scans create a special bond between parents-to-be and their baby – especially in first-child families. You know your baby is there, you can see the tummy bump slowly growing, but once you get to see your baby’s face and how it is moving inside your womb, your parental instinct become so intense


What is an ultrasound scan? Ultrasound scanning, or sonography, is a standard procedure in medical practice established more than 30 years ago. It is completely safe and there have never been any known side-effects on the mother or the baby. It functions on the principle of sending out sound waves inaudible to humans via an ultrasound


What is an early pregnancy scan? Early pregnancy scan is one of the most important ultrasound scans in pregnancy because it confirms the pregnancy and verifies the fetus is developing as expected. It can be repeated after a couple of weeks, in order to follow the typical development of your baby and to check if the heartbeat