What is a Growth Scan?

Growth scan is an ultrasound scan measuring baby’s growth and development during the third trimester, usually, although it could be done earlier if there are any concerns or parents-to-be just wish to be reassured that everything is as should be.

It is performed between 28-32 weeks of the pregnancy.

Growth scan would be particularly important for women who might have had a history of premature delivery, gestational diabetes, maternal type 1 diabetes or maternal type 2 diabetes, problems with thyroid or a risk of pre-eclampsia.

How is the Growth Scan performed?

This is an external, transabdominal scan, where the ultrasound probe gently glides over your abdomen. It is completely painless and safe for you and your baby.

What will the scan examine?

  • Circumference of baby’s head
  • Circumference of baby’s abdomen
  • Length of baby’s thigh bone
  • Amount of amniotic fluid around the baby
  • Fetal position and movements in the womb
  • Placental position and maturity

When measuring fetal size we will use growth charts and plot baby’s size against the number of weeks in order to assess growth and development.

This will also provide us with an estimated fetal weight at birth.

Sometimes we will need to perform more detailed examination and check baby’s limbs, fluid spaces within the head, as well as perform various Doppler measurements to verify the sufficiency in blood flow.

What are the preparations for this scan?

No particular preparations are required

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