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Since the moment you learn you are about to become a mum, there will be plenty of thrilling moments: from the time when your tummy starts expanding to accomodate that growing little creature, to that feeling of the baby’s first kick, its stretches and movements inside you, and many, many more. The development of modern technologies now made it possible for you to see all this in real time – through the 4D ultrasound scans.

4D ultrasound scans create a special bond between parents-to-be and their baby – especially in first-child families. You know your baby is there, you can see the tummy bump slowly growing, but once you get to see your baby’s face and how it is moving inside your womb, your parental instinct become so intense and joyful.

What is a 4D scan?

Regular 2D scans are most used for checking and monitoring the development of your baby, but they cannot be used to monitor the baby’s movements inside the womb. Unlike them, 4D baby scans combine the regular 3D scans with an added dimension of time, which altogether turns the scan results into a collection of moving images similar to a movie. In this way, it is possible to see your baby’s movements fully as they happen in real time.

When to have a 4D scan?

The best time to have a 4D scan is anytime between 24 and 32 weeks. During this period, there is still plenty of space for your baby to move through around comfortably, ensuring that its face can be seen clearly.

Later on, towards your due date, as your baby grows, the space around it becomes smaller and tighter, and any movements become more restricted. As a result of this, it is more likely that the baby could cover its face with its limbs, leaving us with poorer images.

What does a 4D scan include?

This 4D scan also includes a growth report, which is ideally done in the second trimester of your pregnancy. In case the position of your baby does not give a clear view of the face, you may be asked to take a short walk or have a sugary drink in order to give the baby a bit of a nudge. The scan provides you with opportunities to develop a bond with your baby – apart from seeing its face for the first time, you will sometimes get an opportunity to see your baby moving fingers, changing positions, waving, yawning, crying, blinking, smiling or sucking its thumb, or even stretching to get more comfortable. This can be a very special moment to experience and will often leave you speechless with joy and happiness.

We at Private Ultrasound offer you a special 4D premium package, which includes not only a growth report and glossy 3D images, but also black and white 3D images, and a DVD with moving 3D images. With all this to take home, you can cherish the moments of your pregnancy with family and friends and remember them forever.

Is 4D scan safe?

When performed by qualified health experts and Sonographers, ultrasound scan does not pose any risks to either mother or the baby. That is why you should always have the scans done in qualified clinics or health centers, such as Private Ultrasound.